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Its not that i dont like flying...

OK, well, actually it is that i dont like flying...well, i love the whole above the earth thing, but the whole takeoff thing i hate. but thats beside the point. I think taht taking the bus at this point would have been much easier and cheaper, and possibly quicker. :)
AirTran is way f*up and cancelled several flights yesterday and then cancelled several today (notably the one i was planning on taking if the 6am flight didnt work)...and seeing as how i was unwilling/unable to wait until 4 something tomorrow to fly, i decided to suck it up and pay full price for a flight. So, im flying to charlotte, then waiting for 2 hours and then getting to atlanta around 1:30 ish. argh.
btw - nail polish is now a banned substance. :)
fortunately, im not all stressed, its just horribly inconvenient. And for some reason i have found that inconvinience doesnt really bother long as what needs to happen happens.

i would like to point out tho that this whole flying to atlanta thing was all moms idea. :) im taking the train next time. :)

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