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work work work...

Its actually going quite well... im completely caught up in service, and have nothing to do (of course now that ive said that, i will be innudated by lots of systems tomorrow.) So, i have been helping sell stuff and vaccuuming and mopping and stuff... its pretty cool. (im so sad and boring) :)
anyway, we are signing the paperwork on wednesday for the apartment...the funny thing is, is that i went online to check utilities, and evidently our apartment complex doesnt exist, the utility companies have no clue where it is in their online databases... its all good, we will figure it out.
My parents...Cant drive my stuff down, so i get to fly up this weekend and then drive my stuff down...very strange. :) sometimes i wonder about those two, because, ya know a pod would have been too expensive (although then i could have demanded my stuff whenever and had it delivered wherever...) so instead i have to hit up a good friend for a favor and a standby plane ticket.
ive noticed lately that i sigh a lot when i talk about the 'rents (well, when im not throwing my phone across the car in frustration) :) I think that is the point of parents, to make your children's lives more difficult and threfor fulfilling at the same time. i think.
I have not heard from Brian in three weeks, im getting concerned. His brother was in taht motorcycle accident...i hope he contacts me soon...
anyway, thats what is going on down here.
be well.

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