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2nd day of work

whee. screws. screws are fun. no, seriously, they are fun when you dont have to screw and unscrew 13million times in a row the same frelling screws. argh. "Screws. Don't talk to me about screws." :) eh. 'sall good.
anyway. life in Florida is pretty ok so far...hehehe no traffic! well, yet. left at 7:30 to get to work at 8:45 (work is 22 miles away from where I live) because my friends told me taht traffic might be bad, etc. heh. traffic. traffic is taking 30 minutes to go less than five miles. not, oh my goodness there might be more than 6 cars on the road at once! so, i got to work at like 8... drove around looking for the apartments in the area...there are possibilities out there, but must be careful, there is a college near all teh apartments....not that i dont like college kids, i just dont trust 'em as a whole.