The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat

I need help

I have a 5 month old son. He is growing up in a country where an innocent unarmed boy walking home from a store can be shot to death and the shooter can go free on the grounds that he was "defending himself". My son is growing up in a country where gun regulation is nothing of the kind, and someone can just shoot up a movie theater or an elementary school and nothing is done about curbing gun violence. My son is growing up in a country that wants to treat women like 2nd class citizens and force them to give birth to children that they cannot afford or do not want because religious zealotry is taking the place of reasoned humane morals. My son is growing up in this country that has a government that is for all intents and purposes defunct because an entire political party have reverted to whiny kindergartners and refuse to govern or listen to the voices of anyone but the most radical fringe of their party.

My son is white. My son starts with privilege. He starts life on the lowest difficulty setting. We are not poor. I want to give him every chance I can to succeed in whatever makes him happy. My problem is this: how, as a mother, can I teach him NOT to become a racist, sexist, pigheadedly blind asshole? How do I help teach him to think of others and give of himself? How do I start teaching him what privilege is and how to recognize when it is getting in the way of seeing the truth in other peoples' lives? How do I do this without making him sick of it and his nutty mum?

I am looking for books, media, anything that will help me explain to my son that just because he is a white male, does not mean that he has all the answers. He will get enough of that pernicious message from school and culture. I want to help him understand that the stories of people not like him are just as important (and sometimes more so).
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