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What do I want to be when I grow up?

I went to college and got a degree in theater.
I went to graduate school and got a Teaching Certification for Early Childhood Education.
The job I found the most joy in (that paid) was servicing Apple products and teaching people how to use them. (I'm weird, I *like* upgrading Operating Systems.)

I have discovered over the last year or so that I do not do well in small offices with people. Too many people over stimulate me. Working in an office by myself is closer to ideal, but I do still crave the occasional meeting for some social interaction.

My interests have always centered around women's rights/issues, digital communications, technology, education, and literacy. I have frequently looked at being a technical writer, but that requires that I actually put the butt in the chair and write. I frequently lack the motivation to sit and just write. If I go back to school, I do want to take at least one or two writing classes with structured assignments that will make me sit and write. Creating drafts of stuff in my head is great, but does not put words on the page.

Also, the job I am currently in is ending...soon. I would like to have some idea of what I am doing when I finally finish training my replacement. Taking a couple of online classes seems like a good idea, but are they really a good jumping off point, or am I just throwing away money?


I have done some research, and most technical writing positions require min. 3-5 years of technical writing experience, so how do I get started?

I have decided that taking a 6 week online course in Technical Writing and a prep course for Security+ is a good way to figure out what to do to. When I was working as tech support I nearly went for Sec+ several times, so this way I can be a bit more up to date if I choose to stay in tech support.

Being an adult is hard, but I guess I am muddling my way through as best I can...
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