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Libya and friendship

So, I am not very vocal about supporting or not supporting the uprising in Libya. However, it has been a situation that I am watching and following with great interest. One of my dear elementary school friends was from Libya. Her father took the family back home in the late 80s for reasons I do not remember. (I was like 10 or so at the time) I do remember her though. I remember how quiet but friendly she was and how we got along quite well. I remember that she was very smart and made frequent observations that made me smile. I received a picture from her in a letter sometime after she moved. (We were pen pals for a few years, although life happened and we (probably me) just stopped writing.) I still have that picture to this day and look at it every once in a while wondering what happened to her.

Hend, you are in my thoughts, now and always. I hope you are safe. And I hope you are helping your country do the right thing. :)

Love you and Miss you.

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