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Issue with a coworker

So, the new job is really spiffy. I am working as a mac/pc tech (quelle surprise!)

However, I am working in an office that is dominantly male. The Team lead is female and there is me and one other tech who is female. The rest of the 9 person team is male. There are a couple in particular with that I am having personality conflicts with.

(Let me caveat this with something - I have been extremely lucky my whole life to not really come up against any major push back from coworkers about my intelligence or knowledge. Or, if I did I was so naive at the time it wasn't really a problem. So the common issue strong, smart women frequently have with their male counterparts talking down to them? Never really happened to me. Yes, I know I am very fortunate.)

There is one that causes me to sit back and think, "Did he really just say that?", "Did he really just talk over me like my knowledge is worthless?", "Did he really just cut me out of the conversation for no reason??", and other similar things.

My first instinct is to take him aside and explain how his thoughtlessness is affecting me and how amazingly pissed off I am at him for it. However, I would like to think I have learned from my mistakes, and I know that would most likely just cause more issues in the long run. I also don't think he would listen to a word I say. I have spoken to the team lead about this briefly at one point and she may have said something to him, so now it really only occurs when she is not there.

My conundrum is this: should I try to talk to him about it or go to my manager (female) and feel like a whiny baby cause I cannot stick up for myself? And do I care if I become the office bitch for being truthful? Or am I just being emo?
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