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We create beauty. The whole read is awesome.

"Regarding “tolerance”: “Tolerance” is often considered one of our primary duties as citizens. “Tolerance” does not mean agreement, consensus, likeness, or even understanding. It does not mean assimilation. It does not require friendship, nor even dialogue. It is simple. It means refraining from expressing negativity towards things that are different from or alien to you. Tolerance is part of our social contract: you tolerate me, and I tolerate you; we both refrain from attacking one another; we live and let live. On the other hand, tolerance doesn’t deserve reward, either. As a social responsibility, it doesn’t change, lessen, or end; you never cease to be responsible for tolerating others."

(Emphasis mine.)


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Oct. 8th, 2010 06:17 am (UTC)
On Tolerance Citizenship and More
It's very easy to agree with the general piece here, but, at least for me, there are places where I veer from their P.O.V.

I do think there are some basic principles, the very ones which mandate the tolerance the author preaches, which are fundamentally American. I think the twins of having 'freedom from' and being 'at liberty to do' are essential.

When a person comes to this country, it is neither good citizenship or good guesting to tell the rest of us that "Thou Shalt Not!" so long as no one else is effected. That's an American Notion.

I also think that our government is a example of why a bloody revolution is unneeded. Our very system has, within itse'fm the very mechanism to alter or abolish it peaceably.

Again, very American. We do not need to cut off a head to change governments. Just have an election.

And with that, I am falling asleep here at 2 AM

Viva America, Viva Immigrants! Viva all intelligent people who want to freedom to actively seek out knowledge and then peacefully replay it in their own words.
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