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Moar New Stuff??

1. The 27" iMac is big and gorgeous and big. I have a WONDERFUL husband who (after getting a much larger than expected tax refund and the refurbs being $300 off) agreed that the Linux box, while quite serviceable, was not *quite* meeting my needs. I learned lots from the experience and now have a bit more respect for the Linux fans - Linux, Ubuntu specifically, is almost there. A year or two more of OS polishing and it might even become a real player in the OS market. However, while it met 80-90% of my needs, a cheaper 27" iMac was just too good to pass up. :)

2. Magic Mouse - will take some getting used to. I love the idea, it just definitely requires a change in some minor mousing habits...

3. I wanted Obama to be a president that took a stand, that challenged Americans to be more than they are. I feel as though he is falling short on that. The Health Care thing while great, was never couched in terms of rising above and taking care of each other. The NASA budget...at this point it just looks like they want to turn NASA into just a paper pushing bureaucracy (not that it isn't already) and let commercial companies take up the slack. They won't. I hated Bush but, at least he ATTEMPTED to give Human Space Flight a goal. Mars. Constellation was flawed, yes. But don't just scrap it, refocus it. Give it a time frame and steady workable funding. We can make it happen.

4. Anyone know how to safely remove a Dwarf Date Palm from their yard? I wanted to hire someone. Danny says he can do it himself....

5. I read a few Charles De Lint collections some years ago. They were nice, but... I am trying them again, and all of a sudden it is OMG good. Weird how different aspects in your life can make the same book mean more or less.


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Apr. 4th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
4. The gloves and spade method worked :-)
Gloves, a spade, pruning shears, and about 2 hours seemed to do the trick.

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