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5 things make a post.

So, a lot of writers I have on my flist use the 5 things make a post thing, and I have decided that I should do that. Also, I need to write down some reviews and other thoughts.

1. Paper Tongues. Seriously, they are the free single of the week on iTunes. Check them out.

2. Raiders' Ransom Is quite a good book. Amazing world building. No annoying exposition that gives you the entire backstory of the world. early 1800's era tech with the occasional computer. Very interesting characters - the main female is pretty basic, but the main male and other side characters are stock, but...not.

3. Connie Willis' To say Nothing of the Dog was the book selection for this month. It was great! I throughly enjoyed the book. The plot was very fast paced and I love being dumped in the middle of a story and not being told exactly what is going on and having to figure it out on my own. I also adore Intelligent English Comedies. This was a prime example of it. The English are awesome at referencing themselves and others (literature wise) and I love picking up (or not) on those references. It makes the work that much richer for me. I had no issue with the ending - Time trying to heal itself - I can totally buy into that. :)

4. How do I explain to guildies that I have been running instances with that I hate DPS and prefer Healing, when one of them is also working on healing...I understand the concept of leveling through instances, I just think its not the system for me...AT the same time I do want to more to practice my healz, but feel uncomfortable doing a random pug where I know no one. :(

5. When did our country become so divided between the "I Have what I need (and want) and to hell with the rest of you bums" and the "I have close to what I need but I want to help those that have less so we can all have a more equal footing"? And why does trying to help your fellow man equate to Ebil Socialism??? I am frustrated with where our country is going and I am not seeing any answers to fixing it unless we completely redo the entire political system. Not the government - I have to believe that it is one of the best out there, but the way Politicians and Lobbyists, etc treat the rest of us I despair. :(


but, no really, check out Paper Tongues - they are pretty awesome.
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