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So, I have been lusting after a 27" iMac since they came out. Uber nice, better graphics card, 27" display, etc. I am starting (have) to outgrow my current iMac.

I read a review of the 27" iMac on arstechnica the other day and several of the comments priced out approximate part prices, etc. Everything except display came out to roughly $800-900 - the display is estimated at $800-900. So I thought hmmmm.

I have dabbling around with Ubuntu - I wanted to see what the fuss was about and good experience right? And surprisingly, I kinda liked it.

I knew there were ways to install WoW on Ubuntu. So Danny was kind enough to lend me his nice computer to see if I could really install WoW on Ubuntu and if so we would look at building a freaky little Linux box for me to game on. So far so good.

did I mention argh? yeah...

Did I also mention that at this point it is approximately a 10GB download for WoW? yeah....

After much futzing and random installing of possible helpful stuff in Ubuntu - and after about the 6th try I finally have WoW downloading! for the 2nd!!! time.

I kinda sorta got it to almost install once, but it went weird after trying to install a patch. :(

Did I mention argh?

Why am I putting myself through this?

Did I also mention that work is about as productive right now?
I am binding macs to the Active Directory Domain. Yes that is as painful as it sounds.
I started the day at work fighting with a computer that was oddly bound to a different, orphaned domain. I ended the day fighting with a completely separate computer for the same reason.

I am about to start throwing stuff. I swear.
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