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Brain Dump

Lots has been going on in my life. I meant to write up a big thing about how amazing my wedding was.

But then I started a new job and pics are...difficult to get...They showed up a few weeks ago, but are locked by Disney and there is no way to share any without signing in weirdness.

The new job is pretty awesome. The drive is letting me catch up on a lot of books. Audible FTW!

I am still concerned about the state of our modern culture's consciousness. Along with many others. The world is getting crazier and responsibility is...if not gone, then it is waning faster than ever. This saddens me and I wish I knew how to help fix it.

I am back on the Wellbutrin. I hate meds (as I have written about previously) but sometimes, it is easier to bite the bullet and just try the easier option first for behavioral and attitudinal control. My impatience and brusqueness was commented upon by my boss the other day - I do not want to repeat the same mistakes.

Life is good. I have a wonderful husband who accepts me for who I am and loves me and treats me amazingly well. I have a roof over my head and it is great!

How are you doing?
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