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Thoughts on this past week

This week has been nutty.
First I am finishing up planning for the wedding.
Second I had an interview for a new job out at Kennedy Space Center.

Let me mention for a moment how amazing the interview was.
Getting badged was an easier process than expected. I never even walked through a metal detector at any time.
When I parked my car in the main parking lot, landing right next to me (like seriously 20 spaces to my left) was a helicopter! So after I got over the whole, omg, its going to land on me thing, I walked to the main KSC headquarters for my interview.

That moment was pretty awesome. Walking up to the building where so much history in technology has been made was pretty neat. I am a geek. :)

The interview went well.

Then on Wednesday, My best friend Cathy came into town to assist with getting ready for the wedding. She has been a godsend! The details I had forgotten or wasn't paying attention to, she has filled in! Half the nifty details of the wedding would not be so nifty without her.

Today, I got the call that they have offered me the job! I shall be gainfully employed again. YAY!

And I still have my wedding on Sunday and all that the event entails yet to go. *sigh*

It will be beautiful and fun. :)
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