The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat

ahhhh....a perfect day.... :)

So, this week has been kinda stressful (one of the reasons i havent posted in awhile... I love work, dont get me wrong, but im still making crazy dumb mistakes and it gets me frustrated at myself because, of course, i think i should know everthing and be perfect out of the box. not gonna happen i keep trying to tell myself. And my boss is awesome about it, he is way cool about me making mistakes and stuff and just reminds me to keep at it and that it is not a huge deal, but try and get it right next time, that sort of thing. He is very cool. :)
i think he enjoys working with me and likes my company. evidently, he was very uncomfortable around his previous employees, as he puts it, "not people i wanted to get to know outside of work, or not even during work for that matter." however, with me, he mentions that he might reinstitute a company night out thing and taht if the company does an outing at a theme park, his finacee will finally have someone to ride roller coasters with. :)

it's kinda funny, but i was reflecting taht many of my "perfect" days seem to end with me walking out of IoA at night with a big grin on my face... I had a perfect moment this morning on the way to work, the music was just right, the temp was terriffic, and the sky was beautiful, it was a "perfect" moment. After work, I went to Univ and IoA and kept getting in lines next to very friendly people that i was more than willing to chat with. the lines were a breeze, and the atmosphere was calming yet energetic at the same time. I love days like this, just the whole expirience puts a big grin on my face... :)
I got to end my day by riding Hulk in the front in my favorite seat, getting a buzz from the coaster, and being amused by people in line buying ice cream and funnel cakes, then i got to eat my ice cream and strawberries in my favorite bench in a little nook at IoA watching the park close down at night. That park is georgous at night, it is very cool during the day, but fantastic at night! :) I would live in that little nook if I could...

I needed a spiffy day like today, it helps to put perspective on the rest of my life. It was also a very muchly needed "brain break"...

btw - Brian, if you are out there, I miss you, I hope you are doing ok...How is your brother?

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