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Update post

So, big news.
Danny and I have signed a contract on a new Townhome! Yeah...its pretty official at this point. :)

Work is horrid right now. Boss has been out of office for 5 days and have got SLAMMED in service. yikes!! Also, boss signed us up to do a vendor fair at a tennis tournament that will be going on all week. Did he give us a schedule? nope. Do we know what to expect? nope. AAAAAAAACK.

So slammed in service? Yup. 3 things get checked in for priority service on monday. So in order to get some stuff done and things ready - I stayed until 9 last night.

Also, will be out of office and in Atlanta next week (all week) for training. *sigh*

*FLAIL* Im a bit stressed. grrr.

Obama is doing well, that's good. BIG huge Cyclone in Myanmar and lots of people are homeless/have died. That's bad.

*sigh* Can this week be over now??? Please? thanks.

there, happy now Robert? sheesh. :)


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May. 7th, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC)
Yay for house! Boo for bad week. I love you!
( 1 Tummy Rub — Pet Angela? )