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New York

So, dannythecoder and I went to NYC last weekend.
It's kinda funny how it happened. About 6 weeks ago, I was checking my email and found a link to a review of Patrick Stewart doing MacBeth. Found out that he was going to be performing in Brooklyn during Feb and March. Danny and I are both Patrick Stewart fans and I am a big Shakespeare fangirl. :) So we looked at our budget, and made it work.

Flew up Friday afternoon, flew back Sunday afternoon. Had a blast!!

The whole weekend was filled with lots of magical moments that were just awesome.

Friday night we went to an amazing Brooklyn pizza joint called Grimaldi's. OMG. Some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. They say their secret is the Brooklyn water...I believe it. :)
We had some leftovers and gave it to the very very nice desk clerks that helped check us in and got us oriented. (The Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge is a fantastic hotel!) They called up a bit later and sent up some Junior's cheesecake as a thank you.
I am still craving that damn cheesecake. YUM!

The next morning we took off and did the fastest whirlwind tour of Manhattan...
1. WTC site
2. Battery Park (oooh, statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island...pretty (sorry, not gonna spend $15 for a ferry ride and freeze my a$$ off))
3. Grand Central Station (Danny was kinda amazed and it looks just like it does in the movies...) :)
4. NY Public Library (Sadly wouldn't open for an hour yet (FYI, it opens at 11 on saturdays) :) and I wanted show him what a "real big" library looks like (I got him hooked on the Discworld novels and the large University library features quite a bit...))
5. 5th Ave. (Well, it wasn't on the agenda, per se, but it is a lovely walk and was the shortest way to get to the next stop...)
6. Apple Store (Its the Glass cube was way smaller than I thought it would be...)
7. Carriage Ride through a corner of Central's Romantic. :D
8. Walked through Central Park from SE corner to Museum of Nat Hist. Phew. Saw all the major sights of the Park.
9. Times Square.
10. Waved to his mom via a webcam that she checks...kinda neat. :)
11. Got lost in Times Square.
12. Went back to the hotel to get ready for the play.

My feet hurt again just thinking about how much walking we did... :)

Saw Patrick Stewart in MacBeth. *sigh* yes, it really was amazing. yes, it was worth this whole trip.

Sunday morning, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, the whole bridge. FYI, very easy to get lost on Sunday morning in the Financial district. :) But walking past Wall Street and all that was way way cool.

As a side note, The effects and remnants of 9/11 are still everywhere in lower Manhattan. Probably one of the best examples of this is the sculpture that stood in the plaza among all the towers has been replanted (still damaged!) in Battery Park. It is amazing what the globe-like sculpture has been through and that you can walk quite close to it and see all it's damage... it's very symbolic to what NYC went through that day and since then.

We had a great time and are already planning our next trip, which will be a museum trip... I did not know that Danny liked museums as much as I do... But it's nice. :)
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