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aaaaah! NOOOO! Amazon is evil!

And I never thought I would think that. :)
Amazon has bought Audible

Argh! My audiobooks!!
They had better be sending out an email to subscribers soon explaining what exactly all this means or I am going to be very upset.
a) Automatic Integration with iTunes.
b) 5 years worth of 2 audiobooks a month in my library plus some....I better be able to keep them!
c) Subscription still active at the same prices?
d) Automatic Integration with iTunes????
e) They keep track of my library online.

Audible has a lot of questions that they need to answer. And very very soon! I do not want to go through Amazon to get my audiobooks. Nor do i want to get them on CDs - its obnoxious.

Please, Audible, tells us what this means for your loyal customer base.


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Feb. 1st, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
I hope it isn't too serious...
I am also a big fan of Audible's content, so hopefully the new primary share-holders won't change too much... though I'm a bit worried about their motives since they may try to integrate it with Amazon's proprietary ebook reader. If they do, they may want to abandon iTunes since it would be a competitor...

By the way, I like your page's new sci-fi theme!
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