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back hurts. Waiting for pain meds to kick in.

No, its nothing major...its just an issue i have been having lately....And yes, I already have an appointment with a chiropractor for later today. :)

I realized last week that I have been neglecting this journal of late. *sigh* I could make excuses, but none of them satisfy me in terms of what i want to say... I do miss writing here, I am regularly keeping up with my f-list, but I am horrible at actually posting. Many of the reasons i originally started posting here a year and a half ago have since been "solved" or have been replaced by a significant other.
Yes I still miss Atlanta and my friends and family there - not that my parents will let me miss them...They have been down here 3 times in the past 6 months (but i love them anyway! Hi Mom!) :)

dannythecoder and I have no fact this relationship is what I always wanted but never thought I would have. My parents love him.

New years and milestones of the like always give pause as we look back at what has taken place and what is continuing.

Goals for 2008
- Better Communication with everyone
- Read more
- Figure out how to communicate my needs sufficiently without sounding like I am whining or hurting
- Reconnect with mamma_fire_bear, ilianadancer, nipper_gal_21, and fairylovemonkey...I miss having girlfriends in my life.
- Stay focused at work, look for opportunities to shine

There are more but I think these pretty much sum it up right now.

Be well.
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