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Something you must do before you die....

So, to celebrate our 2 month! (can it really only be two months??? seems like so much longer....) anniversary dannythecoder and I went to go see the new Blue Man Group show at Universal
What an amazing, incredible, interactive, mind-blowing, funny! experience.
You can defiently tell the show started as performace art. However, these guys have taken it to the next level with some very profound and moving pieces. Percussion based music, yes, but it is so much more than that. Much of the "message" taht I came away from the performace with is that we are all innudated with data and information at such a rapid pace - it is easy to seperate yourself from interacting with others in a physical way. Stop. Get up from the computer. Look around. Meet a new person. Interact with them. Have a cup of coffee with them. Be a part of the world. Have fun!
I did not know that these shows were so funny! It was absolutely hysterical from start to finish.
I also got chosen to go up on stage for a song performance. They taped drumsticks to my ears and two other people and then "played" a song with our ears. It was very funny. At least so I was told...all I knew at the time was that I was on stage, there were things on my ears and that there was a background "ow" noise happening in a songlike format I was laughing and trying to play along at the same time. It was really neat! They also let me keep the drumsticks!
After the show they came out and let you take pictures of them and sign autographs.

It was great fun and an amazing experience! GO!!!!
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