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Horrible day yesterday....

Better (mostly) today....

My boss actually admitted that we are getting enough work for him to hire a second tech, he is just reluctant to do so because i am (mostly) handling it and he thought i would like more money.

I did not have enough patience to discuss just what was wrong with those assumptions, so I let it go because I didn't want to have a fight with him again. (Like yesterday - I cried because I have been feeling a bit overworked, and he has been coming down on my back, and he and I have very very different priorities....)

Anyway, we are all good now, and the monster headache from yesterday has mostly gone away but I do feel it coming back....*sigh* Advil is my friend.

So, I guess I just wanted to let the universe know that I am not crazy and we have been going through a heavy spell here at work... Yay for me not being crazy! :)

Also, Danny is teh awesome!!!! He is so so fabulous. He is everything I always wanted in a significant other and more, but never thought I would get. He brings me flowers and chocolates, he voluntarily rubs lotion into my sunburns... gosh...I think im in love.... ;)
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