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Again, with the outrage at your government...

Someone please explain to me, again, how this could possibly be a good thing, now or in the future.

I for one am sick and tired of our government slowly turning our country into the totalitarian government with no civil freedoms depicted in 1984. All for the sake to "counter terrorism". Am I a terrorist? No! Do I sympathize with them? No. Violence to try and solve issues whether real or perceived is never right. However, I also do not think that the lengths our government is going to try and "protect" us is right either.

I am not a political pundit, nor do I know what is right. But I do know that I refuse to have my government watching citizens trying to catch them at doing wrong. What happened to the assumption of innocent until proven guilty? Has Washington DC gone mad? Have they read the constitution and Bill of Rights anytime recently? Maybe we should send any one who is/wants to be a politician to a basic citizenry class that we make all wanna be citizens take. Maybe they could learn something. (Like the freedoms that the US has become known for around the world.)

Frustratedly yours,
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