The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat

Headaches suck.

Its kinda funny, everyone in the house feels bad but in different ways. Puck just generally feels yucky with lots of heartburn and gas. FE is very nauseas and pregnant and has a delicate stomach. The boy is super rashy and generally stinky. I have a horrible recurring headache. Its probably because im not sleeping enough and drinking enough water.
Saturday was lots of fun. My boss let me out early and I went looking at apartments...I have _lots_ of work ahead of me. I also checked out some of the ads in the paper for people looking to rent rooms... now i just need to find a spare 5 minutes in the day to call. :) I also went out to Orlando with Hannah and got very spiffy dice and we saw Pirates2...lots of fun!! :)
Today was horribly busy at my place of work. Lots of running around and selling of computers we didnt have in stock but hopefully will recieve in a few days...
my friend contacted me...she is doing well-ish...i look forward to refinding a friendship with her. :) gonna _try_ to go to bed by 10. seriously. honest. maybe. :)

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