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What happened on Sunday

HP7 review will be posted after I finish listening to the book on audio. I have read it once all the way thru, but my official review will be posted later. (No, I'm not sure why, it's just something I feel like delaying.)

As many of you know, I went on an official "date" on Sunday...Is it a date if you plan to go and play at a theme park all day long? Anyway, for those of you who want to know - it went really really well. Danny and I get along awesomely. I have finally met 'someone' who is as smart, probably smarter, than me. We can talk about anything, we both ramble and jump from subject to subject and we can follow the train of thought (for the most part)!
He and I think the same about a lot of stuff. We have both been lonely spirits for a long time, looking for someone who we could talk to on our own non-sequitur geeky way. I had no idea that other people did theme parks on their own just because, or that they can criticize the design on several different levels while still wanting to decorate a room in their dream house the same way...
Ultimately, I feel very comfortable with him. When we met and had dinner last Friday, I thought it was cool that he and I could talk so well and understand each other so well, but I realized that I have been looking forward to Sunday all week long, and it was still better than i thought it would be was way way cool. We have already planned to go to more theme parks together and other places...
We are going to take this relationship thing slowly and it will develop however it develops. I am looking forward to seeing him again.... Be prepared to hear more about Danny in the near future. :)
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