The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
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I had a very interesting weekend.
It started on Friday evening...
I got roped into going on a last minute double date with my co-worker. She thought that Danny and I would hit it off (We each reminded here of the other - we are both major geeks)...oddly enough, I think we did.
We had a lovely, pleasant dinner at a German resturant and then went to the Jazz club next door for drinks and so forth - Well, my co-worker and her boyfriend drank a little, Danny and I just had water. but we talked and chatted for like 2 hours straight. We have lots of stuff in common and we are both major geeks and it was nice for both of us to talk to someone intelligent who gets what the other person does for a living. :)
Before the evening was over (I had to leave early because of a 7am HP meeting at the bookstore), we already made plans to go to Islands of Adventure next Sunday...I am really looking forward to it! It's always fun to go with someone new to a place you have been many times before, it's like looking at it with a fresh perspective.

Saturday was work (as usual). I don't know what dork thought 7am meetings was a good idea, but they should be shot. However, it was a very informative meeting and I cannot wait until next Friday! :) Please do not try to contact me during the day on Saturday, I will probably turn off my phone so I can read The Book. I am planning on going as Nymphadora Tonks. I am even going to dye my hair pink for the occasion...

I have a new child. His name is Lincoln. He is an all black Domestic Shorthair cat. He is a sweetie. I met him a few weeks ago at the Shelter and just fell in love with him. He is very laid back (like Angela) and hopefully they will get along OK. He has been hiding most of the day, but hopefully will warm up to the place in a few days or so... I will try to get a decent picture of him soon. :)

Then at sunset, just after the lightning and thunderstorms passed over without dropping much rain, I gut treated to this outside my front door (and yes, it did go all the way across the sky) -
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