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(Btw - yes, i am catching up on my movie reviews, why do you ask?)
FYI - I saw Ratatouille, Transformers, Silver Surfer and Live Free Die Hard on July 4th. It was pretty spiffy. I hadn't done a movie marathon like that for awhile. :)

The effects rocked.The large alien robots that turned into cars? Definitely more than meets the eye. he script....um....emphatically did not rock. In fact it sucked.
Was the cartoon in the 80's that badly written? Probably. But a new movie now should not have that painful of a script. I literally wanted to spoon my eyes out of my head because of some of the dialogue.
And the humans...argh. Again with if the title of the movie is something specific...I expect a movie to involve the title character or characters in meaningful ways for more than 50% of the movie. Call me crazy.... :)

Ya know, for a movie about alien robots that turn into cars - the plot actually isn't that bad. its just the dialogue and stupidness of the humans taht make it a B movie. Sad really.