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I have seen a couple of reviews that say that ratatouille was this great pixar movie. I must disagree with them. I felt like it was very "eh". Sadly, I think Cars worked betteras a movie than this one did. It suffered from lack of vision in story-line and the characters felt more 2-d in this movie than in most pixar films. Also, most pixar films have a very unified director/writing team, Brad Bird came in too late to save the movie from mediocrity. Plus... Rats? In a kitchen? Who thought that was a good idea??
I feel like some of the subplots could have been developed better to give the story and the characters some more depth.

For those who know me, I would probably rank this right about on the same level as Bug's Life. I was not impressed. But the effort was there...
make of that what you will...
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