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so, general thoughts on life...

Yeah, i know, how original, but bear with me...

So I have been reading and thinking a lot lately on the matter of life, relationships, etc... I have also been watching the last couple of discs of season 1 B&B. Damn it. I love that show, but it always makes me cry. Also, the show/anime Gunslinger Girl (which is just brilliant!) Anyway...

In several of the books I am reading and particularly on the last couple of Eps, the idea of Happiness and living a Happy Lifetm is a major theme. What does a Happy Life consist of? Is Love worth it? Can a professional life and personal life be the one and the same? Different? (Ok, well, obviously, we all don't have the huge secret of Vincent and his world in our lives, but) do aspects of one side of life need to be sacrificed so the other can occur/flourish?

Obviously this was much more of a conflict for professional women in the 70's and 80's, which was one the issues worked at in the show, but still, why do I still feel like most women today have that problem? Do men still have this issue? Or are they taught from childhood through cultural osmosis how to deal with it and we as women are still trying to figure it all out.

Vincent and Catherine would gladly give up their lives for each other, the girls in GG would gladly die for their handlers, I would gladly die for my friends. This is different from giving up my happiness and acceptance of myself for a person or a job.

Ultimately, I guess my main point is this: Is Love worth sacrificing aspects of self for?
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