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Midsummer!! And me without a Susan Cooper Book... :)

Happy solstice!!!
Midsummer is a time of enjoying life and celebrating in vitality. (no, that is not supposed to make sense!!) ;)

I have found that for all its faults, LJ is a great community. I enjoy all the people I have met here, and I enjoy the camraderie and uniqueness that defines all the people i have connected with on LJ. It is flawed. All large corporations are not perfect. Could they have done better with the latest fiasco? Of course. However, after reading all the apologies and explanations I have come to believe that LJ/6A knows what they did wrong, they are genuinely sorry that it happened and are working to rectify it and clarify the policies for future.

I have been on here for almost exactly a year now, and I love it! The occasional bit of drama, but, hey, some people need that or they don't feel complete I guess. Me, I'm gonna go home and watch some B&B (love u Cathy!!) and pet my little grey cat. :)

Happy solstice y'all, and I hope the next year is everything you want and expect. :)

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