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Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Worth the ride. And it is a ride.
It starts out slow (trust me, the first 10 minutes, you will be like "wah??"), but it builds and builds (and includes excerpts from the audio of the original ride it is based on - which is way spiffy) and builds some more...and then releases with some awesomeness, and then wraps up nicely - but leaves the ending open for sequels (if disney so chooses). And with the opening weekend take being what i think it will be, they will be stupid not to. btw - try and stay for the after credits scene...its kinda sappy and predictable (after the next to very last scene, but satisfing nonetheless).

So, yeah...Elizabeth Swann has totally come into her own and will be held up as the ultimate strong heroine for years to come. The ending does seem to weaken her a bit, but they can easily rectify that by either leaving it open or giving her a strong role in a sequel or a back(fore?)story in a canon book or show or something. She kicks ass and takes names and is very well written.

I still don't understand what the point is of the evil East India Co. Lord person. He bothers me. i dont feel like they explained his use in the second movie well (beyond setting into motion the whole, lets chase after a box thing) and a character (especially the antagonist) should have a use other than to move the plot along and/or make it more murky like he does. This movie was better in including him, but I still dont get him...

Depp/Sparrow felt a bit off form in the second movie, but he definetly had it back in this one. He had some of the best lines. And the interplay between him and Rush/Barbossa was just a hoot, as they tried to out captain and out flank each other. Beware - Sparrow in this movie can get a bit creepy with extra versions of himself running around - well, you'll see what i mean.

Speaking of out-flanking - there were more double crosses and treacheries so forth than you could shake a stick at. I tried keeping track - don't. It will only make your head hurt. All that matters is who is against who in the end - not why or how they got there. Play along with the ride, try not to figure out where they are going. :)

This movie is how you do multiple plots. You write them well, and have a cast that can take it. No, you don't have to explain every little detail, but you do need the solid background writing done. It shows. The second movie got silly and a bit illogical (falling down a ravine tied to a pole anyone?) but this one was solid and definitely had its feet firmer on logical ground, yes, it is fantasy ground, but it is well thought out and doesn't blatantly break my suspension of disbelief like the second one did.

One of the best parts about this movie was that it tied in quite a few pieces from the first movie that did not show up or were glossed over in the second. My two favourite incidental characters showed up and got a scene mirrored from the first one. And they got to become pirates in the end! Yay! "The proper amount of leverage" was mentioned. And even the dog showed up with the keys. :)

Eye Candy. Brain candy. What the hell you reading this for? Go see it!
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