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Can't work, rabbits will eat me...

So, I am currently incapable of paying attention to the stuff on my bench. However, I dont feel super guilty 'cause im gonna be here til 9 tonight anyway... :) *waves at* Hi Jen and Dana!

My mom would have been so proud of me last night...I went out to work with my boss and co-worker and I ate fish(!!!), without any one forcing me! and everyone was super-helpful (especially my boss's wife)... I have decided lately that while chicken is yummy, it can get kinda boring after awhile. And, if I ever want to go to Japan, I need to learn to appreciate fish as a food or I will not have anything to eat (however, I love rice, so i could eat that, but again with the bland diet thing...). So I have been thinking about this for some time and I have decided that acquiring the taste of fish is a Good IdeaTM. :)
It was surprisingly, not as bad as I thought it would be. (I finished it!) I will probably eat some again. Small steps...
Sushi will be on the menu at some point...I know I have some friends in Atlanta that I could pop my sushi cherry with... ;) life Fish dilemmas, bills, etc. *sigh*

I actually got an email from a dear friend of mine in Atlanta...I call him about once a month, he never answers, I leave a message, and today he wrote me an email!! wow. Hi Andrew!

anyway, I kinda feel like getting back to work...I have a Logic Board screaming my name... *sigh*

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