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Spiderman 3 review

I had read a few reviews on this movie. Noted them, thought...well, it can't be that bad....
And some parts actually weren't. Sadly, many were.
I am not entirely sure if it was script or some of the worst editing - ever, but this movie could have had about an hour taken out of it and it would have made more sense. Well, lets put it another way... If the movie is titled Spiderman one might get the impression that the movie was about Spiderman (call me crazy). Unfortunately I felt like for the majority of the movie I was stuck in a really really bad over melodramatic romantic drama thing. With Peter Parker in the middle of it.
Now don't get me wrong, I like Peter Parker as a character. He is the original nerd done good. However, his alter ego is a much more interesting character to hang a movie/series/comics/books on. Action and tension and sexyness all rolled into one.
Yeah, a movie about Peter Parker? Not so much. It would be like if someone made a movie out of my last quasi-serious relationship. Without the sex. Ewwwww. (Trust me on this one.)

I think a main flaw of this movie is the timeline is all shades of confused. Scenes occur after others and you realize that it would have made more sense to see that other scene before it. (And when that happens in the middle of a movie you are watching for the first time, thats a good sign that it is going to go downhill from there...) I also agree with another review I saw that emo/goth/bastard Peter was just reviling. The characterization just did not work - he either needed to be darker and harder or...something. The mix he had just did not work.

This was one of the few movies I have actually seriously considered walking out of. However, what kept me around were the occasional glimpses I got of the tight, good movie that was lurking in there somewhere... When Raimi allowed it to harken back to that comic book feeling - (you know what i mean - the over the top, the slight overacting and emphasis on stuff) it clicked. The sandman/spidey fight in the armoured truck...the intro with the newscasters before the final fight...the scene of Spiderman tearing off the black goo with the bell in the background.... (oddly enough, most of the ones that were "good" were Spiderman scenes. Hmmmmm.

Fortunately, I stayed for the end fight and while it was well done...it lacked...something. I think the word I might be looking for here is tension? I'm not sure. (I do know that in the middle of the fray i was able to notice that the building they were fighting in front of/within was the same one used in TMNT for the first monster/turtle fight scene. Almost exactly, down to the wooden water tower a couple buildings over.) I do know that the final battle felt...predictable. At least MJ was able to get in a couple of good licks in.

Did I mention all the fight scenes were shot in that dizzying, hand held, follow every angle, spinny, nauseating, moving style? They made my head hurt. Just because you can render lifelike fight scens in CGI, doesn't mean you should. Seriously, Columbia, please take note. Pick three or four (or even five) basic camera angles and use them! I should not have to feel dizzy after a fight scene, and gravity, fyi, is not optional. Thnx!

Yeah, this movie was not worth the price of the ticket. Here's hoping Pirates is better (even if it is rumoured to be less comprehensible)!



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May. 20th, 2007 02:42 pm (UTC)
I got your message this mornign, but unfortunately we are unable to come out and play we caught Rotavirus from the boy and have been out of commission for a few days, but we are on the track to health again...we should be better by tomorrow we have been sick all weekend.Then we are moving in our new place yay :)
May. 20th, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
*hugs hugs hugs* thank you soooooo much for the emporer's new groove, it came the other day and i have watched it twice already! that is my favorite movie of all time. me and my best friend lisa are obsessed with that movie.

"i'm an ugly! stinky! llama!!! waaaah!! llama faaaaace!" hahahaha. brightened up my whole week!
( 2 Tummy Rubs — Pet Angela? )


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