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My new Favorite acronyms...

PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair :)
gtfg - go to f*cking google

Both of them I wish I could say to the majority of my customers... *sigh*

ah well.

btw - I have an idea and I want to run it by my friends before it goes any farther... Im thinking of starting a website/blog for female help desk/tech support/service geniuses... Oddly enough this started rattling around when I went online shopping for a laptop backpack. I prefer small-ish backpacks, but ones that are not pink or black or similar. They are very hard to find. The few companies that have anything good are either prohibitively expensive, or the backpacks are awesome, but are huge and would not work on my frame. This is a problem I see a lot actually...lots of stuff targeted towrds the more male oriented geek, but not much to the females...I know there are now grrrl exclusive gaming groups out now a good time to put out a blog type thing for female techs/geeks to vent in and possibly address problems in or does this sound like I am delusional?

Not a lot of the people that read this journal are tech geeks like me, but should I try? Is this something that I might gain traction with? I know it has been tried before, but from what I can tell it has always petered out for one reason or another...
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