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The week from hell

I have had a horrible week. For several reasons.
I am swamped and then some at work. I cannot get ahead and the further i fall behind the more I feel like i cant catch up and the less i feel like i am getting done.
That being said, I have have had several talks with my boass and he is amazingly understanding and willing to work with me. He asked me if I felt if he should fire me. I told him i didnt understand why he hadn't yet. He said that for him that discussion is not even on the table. For some reason he thinks I'm a good employee and wants me to get over this horrible slump that i am in. And I am in it bad.
I have taken a leave of abscence at the bookstore - so that way I have more time and energy to devote to working here. I need to care of some things and get ahead.

I have also spent $1400 on getting my car fixed and I am not sure that it is fixed. *sigh*

Also, my last left contact ripped on Thursday, and I am halfway functional in that eye. Reading sucks. I was able to get en eye exam today, and of course they do not have my kind of trial contacts in stock...maybe in a week.

I am tired and frustrated and I need to get back to work.

be well.

*edit* However, I am healthy (mostly) and safe. I am not from a small town in kansas that no longer exists becasue of a tornado. I will get through this.

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