The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat

Today was...

Well, the Honeymoon period of the job is definetly over. :) Im doing ok, Im just in that period where you gotta start digging in yourself for the long haul. Catch your breath and power through the first stitch in your side. no big deal, its just getting the brain in the right mindset.
My mornings have been weird and kinda rough (it might help a bit if i could get to sleep earlier) but I get real productive in the afternoons. I think my boss percieves this and is ok with it, but i still feel like im letting him down. i know i need to get over that. :)
btw - installing windows on the intel macs via boot camp is tricky. _always_ inspect your install cd before you try to start installing it... the mac/windows interface does not allow for even half a scratch anywhere on the surface of the disk. once the disk is happy, it runs ok....its just generally disturbing to see the windows load screen on a mac. :)
ok, trying to go to bed early tonight, im real tired...

be well.

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