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"We are all Hokies today." - vent 4.17.07

I pulled this small quote off the website.
Friday | all day
"Hokie Hope," an alumni-led declaration of a national "Orange and Maroon Effect" day.

I will be wearing maroon on Friday in rememberence, I hope you will think about doing so as well.

Tragedies such as this strike at me on some levels i cannot even define. However, I can imagine, but only to a pale shadow of what it must really be like, to be a student on that campus. If something like that had happened at UCF? My world would have fundamentally changed. I read somewhere online that someone said, schools are assumed to be safe. And I think universities, oddly, even more so. They are bastions of intelligence, of a safe ground to explore, of possibilities - this illusion has been shattered this week.

I have no personal ties to these people or the campus, but as a smarter person than me said, quoted above, "We are all Hokies this week." We have all been effected, even if it is no more than a "ohh, those poor people," as we flip through the news. This incident should make us all stop and think, and realize that we are social creatures, that making that extra effort to include someone, that being a shoulder to cry on, may make the difference in someone else's life. We all touch each other in infinite little ways.

be well.

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