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Work is...

Well, I have been blamed for scratching an expensive display...
But beyond that I know im doing a great job. hrm.
It was just one of those days...
well, if i did scratch it, i am very sorry i did, and i wish i knew how to make proper restitution...i shall have to ponder this over my day off...

Saw a sneak of Monster house tonight...that is a seriously twisted movie. I am not a bog fan of motion capture CG animation, especially the kind that looks like plastic claymation (this movie was done by the same outfit that did Polar Express) (I did not like polar express for many reasons but a big one was the animation). However once you get used to the stylized animation you start to notice how predictable and yet f*ed up the story is, it takes like 30-40 minutes to get past all the set up, then it just clips along with the crazy effects and action... Disturbing amount of death stuff going on, too, for a "kids" movie

I had another thought too, but, ive lost it...

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