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yet another update....

So, i am posting this at work, and i so shouldn't but its stuff thats been percolating in my head and i can't focus until its out.

We no longer have a sales floor indivual here. Which is good and bad at the same time. The indivual that left the company was competent, but was increasingly ineffectual. The dynamic between us was good to great after she was hired, but recently had become increasingly tetchy. (Word to the wise, if your boss asks you to be on time (with that defintion being between 8:30 and 9:00 - coming in at 9:10 or later multiple days in a row - is not a good way to keep thy job.) So, now the drama is gone, but i am now stuck working the sales floor while boss interviews and stuff - which is fine. When he is on sales floor, i get a lot more work done than before.
So, as I said, good and bad.
However, one of the weirder aspects of this situation is that since we are such a small company, boss wants me to help with the interviewing... I get to contact people after he has done the first one and "chat them up". never even thought I would be formally involved in a process like this... its a weird feeling.

Also, just a note - I am a huge TMNT fangirl. It is sad but true. I have been one since I saw the first animated series, collected the original mirage comics (one day i will have the complete set!), and even bought a few figureines/toys over the years. Wrote some horrible fanifc once or twice (before i knew what fanfic was), fortunately no one but me has ever read it, nor will they. :) I renewed my interest in them when i found and thence StealthyStories Forum. The new animated series was not shown in ATL, so I've not seen it, but thru what I've read and so forth, I totally dig it and would like to watch the show. (I so need a Donatello for work. :) )

Anyway, I had more to say, but we are busy at work and I will stop here.

be well.

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