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I am very excited. (I bought a Raph "action figure")
I am a dork.
This movie going experience is dedicated to tyleet1047...becasue i promised. :)

....(After the movie)....

Damn! They finally move right!! And the family tension!!! whoa. (It's not completely dumbed down for kids)
If you liked TMNT when you were younger, or have gotten into them recently...go see this movie! Even if you have no idea who they are you will like this movie. I pretty much guarantee it.

II have read elsewhere that the fight in the rain is like the best scene of the movie. They weren't wrong. It is like scarily well done. The tension between Leo and....well, not gonna spoil it....and the rain effects and the movement. damn. :)

It does take a few minutes to get used to the style of animation at the beginning. It looks too...slick...too polished.... but once things move to NY and the sewers, its better, i promise. also, did i mention they finally move right? The way they do in my head when reading stories or comics...
*sigh* - I may have to get up early on Sunday to do my laundry so i can go see it again.... :)


btw - am i allowed to have a crush on an animated character? and if i am...can someone get me a real Raphael?? *le sigh* Muscles and angst...what's not to love??
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