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So, i am working my way through the first season of Beauty and the Beast. And anyone who knows me even half way well, knows that I loved this show. Turns out, I still do. I am such a closet romantic
Rewatching something that I was so taken with when I was younger, is done with a whole bunch of new perspectives. I think i was about 3 or 4 eps in when I realized that this is where I got my idea of the ideal relationship from. Deep emotional substance...nothing in terms of physical. Huh. Make of that what you want. :) Explains quite a bit tho for me i think. Its also a bit creepy being able to pick up on sub-levels of context that I had never noticed before (some of those significant glances went way beyond where i thought they went)...And then also being able to deconstruct the writing and directing at the same time... *sigh* I hate the over analyzation of stuff, but i do it sometimes without even thinking about it...

I have reestablished communications with some of my friends here in Florida. I went to dinner at their house the other night. It was very nice. It was very....comforting. I was anxious as all hell about it, but by the end of the night I had a lovely warm fuzzy in my head. Thank you Jen, and FE and Roth clan, I appreciate it. Hopefully my schedule will allow me to do that again. :)

I am overworked. still. but doin OK. I had more to say, but it escapes me now. Im actually tired. :) (I have decided that the early time change is evil and should be taken down by a woolly mammoth on speed.)

be well.

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