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Craig Ferguson

So, for those of you who I dont speak to on a monthly basis, I have started watching the online posted monlogue of CBS's LateLate show guy, Craig Ferguson - evidently he was the boss(?) on the Drew carey show (never saw it myself...). This guy is Scottish and his humor is terriffic! Very dry, snarky humour with lots of intelligence and innuendos thrown in (the two are not mutually exclusive (hint hint Hollywood!))...Anyway...he has done some amazing shows, like the one where he canceled all of his guests the day after his dad died and turned his whole show into one long eulogy for his dad...very spiffy. He is also very upfront and open about the fact that he is a recovering/ex-alcoholic sober for 15 years.
Last night he did an amazing monlogue about the defining moments of his alcoholism and why he finally checked into a rehab center, he also made it very clear that alcoholism is not something that a rehab program can clear you of, its something that he works at every day. He said he doesn't have a drinking problem, he has a thinking problem. That (I think) is one of the best definitions of alcoholism or any mental illness I've ever heard.
He was discussing this in relation to Britney Spears and the current issues she has had lately. He mentioned several times that to him, at least, it seems as though she is a young woman seriously in need of help. He also said, that although she would be an easy target for snarky humour, he refuses to attack her because of this. What an amazing way to get a dialogue of some kind opened...
Anyway, here is the link to his posted monlogues, seriously, check out the February 19th one...it is excellent.

btw - you need RealPlayer plug in to view it...CBS...sorry. It might be posted on youtube.com too, I dont know...


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    Hey! I hope you thrill at Colorado! WHen you know your physical or mailing address, could you pass it along? Thank you! We all think of you with love! Robert
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    Congratulations! This kid is going to have a great time!

    Keep posting.
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    I am so happy for you! What a wonderful thing to wake up to on a monday morning. Yes, I am a week late, but that is about right in bella-time.

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