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Marking Significance

So, I have noticed that I tend to mark semi-significant days in my life with starting new online "projects". Several years ago, it was my first website (no, im not gonna mention how many...) On a July 4th a few years ago, and then a New Years eve one and a half years later - it was various blogs. Today, I have drunk the Kool-Aid (but only a sample cup) and have joined Skype. I have a brand spanking new 678# (for those of you in the Atlanta area) :) and you can leave a voicemail or whatever. I joined mostly because I think it is a spiffy technology and I would like to see where it goes...I also know a few people in Europe, and I would love to get in touch with them, but I cant find them in the massive Skype lists... :)

I will make a bigger post about what I did this weekend (had lots of fun) and thoughts on turning thirty in the morning. I am tired and I have a long day tomorrow. :)

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