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So, I have joined the 50bookchallenge because I need prodding? goal? something like that. :) I have never logged all the books I have read in one year, but i figured this year might be a good idea... Anyway, I see myself probably making 50 quite easily, but I have a few questions... I know the FAQ and user info for this community say log what seems right to me, but...
1) Do audio books count?
2) Should I log books that are favourites that I read year after year?
3) Does fanfic count? Not short fanfic, but stuff that takes more than an hour or two to read? For me that would equal to about 120-150 page book...
4) Audiobooks that I have either read or listened to before?
5) How would you count short story anthologies? (its one of my larger collections i hope to get thru this year and read the ones i havent yet)
6) What if you start a book and don't finish it...can I count it as half? Audiobook too? (I am a big audiobook freak.) :)
Any other ideas from others? I feel guilty about including some of these, but I really want too.... The spreadsheet Im keeping my log in has a column for type (novel, anthology, etc) should i just log everything there and sort it out at the end of the year?
So far I've done 3 novels and 2 long fanfics (one i was at work reading until 1am one night it was that good...)

I would appreciate any input of these questions as I start a new challenge (its not so much the reading for me, as it is the logging of the books, and will I still log them two months from now...), I hope to finish. :)
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