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The batman fanfic that Everyone should read!!!

Wow. This is good shit. This is better than some novels (regardless of author or genre) ive read in the past few years...This is mtgat good. More people should know of this batman story, it is scary well thought out and well done and well written and all characters (as far as i can tell) are really really well written in character. *sigh* This is the kind of writing i have in my head, but cant put down on paper/screen. But damn i know when ive read it. I think maybe the only critique i have about this is that Hush is written a bit too over the top at the end for an underhanded mastermind, especially in such a gritty realisticly written fic, (he does monologue, just a bit) but, I can forgive that...Oh, and we dont see nearly enough of Montoya in the body of the fic (she opens and closes it and has a breif scene in the last third) but she could be in there more, but that is small potatoes compared to the flow and pacing and characterization in this thing.

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