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repeatedly banging my head against the wall...

so... today was worse than yesterday and i thought that was bad. its not the customers, its not the work, its _me_ doing stupid, dumb, things/mistakes. like i was told to boot up the front desk mac in target disk mode and erase and reinstall Tiger. easy enuf, ive done it before. unfortunately, i attached it to the service computer (which holds _everything_)...guess which one i erased? yup. the service computer. aaarggh. it was a stupid, stupid mistake and i have spent all day trying to recover from it. i had to reinstall all the apps and service manuals and everything.... i continually break small cables in the computers i am fixing and stuff (ok, well just 2, but still...) argh. argh. argh.
im trying really hard to think of anything i did ok today...

um, i called dhl correctly to pick up packages? installed the replacement cable taht i broke yesterday correctly and closed up the machine well and it works?

tomorrow will be better! i will go in with a new attitude and remember to _always_ double check and reread before i do anything. (well, i will try my best!)

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