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End/Begining of year thoughts

As I look back on the entries in my flist, I wonder many things...
1) I have never kept track of what books i have read over the course of a year, but im starting to think i might...it would be an interesting project for the new year...
2) I have never written up reviews for books ive read (except for a couple of Harry Potters (which got printed in a newspapaer, but thats a different story)) and im not sure i want to...huh....ill think about that...I am becoming more active on bookshare which makes me think taht this whole blogging thing may be a good medium to do taht with...
3) You people inspire me to think about stuff taht is usually in the back of my head, but I dont put a lot of forethought into...I appreciate that.
4) Plans for this new year may be a Good ThingTM
5) Since i now live on my own with no roommates, I am now living more vicariously through LJ than before....I've yet to figure out if that is a good thing or a bad thing....
6) I have lots of awesome friends virtually and in real life, and i thank my lucky stars everyday for getting to know y'all better. :) Thanks.
7) This year was very very stressful (on several different levels) and I would like next year to be much less stressful. :)

be well.