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Night at the Museum

After riding rollercoasters all day (and mamma_fire_bear should be proud, i actually went on Jurassic Park the ride all by myself! (and only freaked out a little)) yesterday I went to go see a couple of movies. :)
Night at the Musuem was quite good, and everything the trailer promised with a bit extra! :) It was quite funny, and well done. The special effects were good. Not amazingly spectacular, but quite good. They worked on the level they were supposed to work. They made you believe (spoilers ahead if you havent seen the trailer) that everything in the museum came to life at night. I think the best effect was the T-Rex skeleton coming to life. It was amazingly believable.
Unfortunately, the continuity was such that I walked out feeling slightly unsatisfied. Larry (our protagonist), played by Ben Stiller (whom I didnt hate!) was well done as a divorced dad (who keeps his head in the clouds with schemes and dreams), but unfortunately, I cannot believe that he was made of such stuff that he could get hit in the side of the head by a flying hockey puck and not get at least a small bruise (or at least mention that it hurt and hold an ice pack to his face... Or his nose gets bitten by a fierce little monkey (with sharp teeth) and no bruising occurs to his face?? Or small puncture wounds? Fortunately, there was very little physical humour such as this and most of it was situational and well done and well explained. The Easter island head was hysterical! I actually liked and could identify with the Old West character played by the blonde Owens brother (whom I normally detest in whatever he does). The idea that the Roman General was a manly geek (played by the English guy who was in the most recent Around the World in 80 days), was most refreshing. Robin Williams pwned the role of Teddy Roosevelt (by the way), without being "Robin Williams".
This movie is a very good popcorn/family movie with intelligence and heart. Quite surprising to see in this age of stupid movies. It wont win any awards, but it may win a place on my DVD shelf (depending on the extras). :) All round, worth the $8.50.
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