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Im doing well, for those of you who have been wondering. I got a part time job at a bookstore and have been keeping very busy with that. I also lost my open wireless network at home, my neighbors got smart and password protected the network. *sigh*, i have no internet at home and bellsouth says that DSL is not available in my area, regardless of the fact that many of my neighbours have it. yeah....
so, i am forced to access the net at work, or at panera which is near my bookstore job, just a few miles away from my apartment....not convenient, but we live. :) ive been reading a _lot_ more lately. :)
I also second tyleet1047 with the whole the CSI:Winter Wonderland is hysterical! Tracey and co. rock!!!
Anyway, work is OK, im busy and thats good. :) I have been invited by my boss to a Christmas party at his mom's house on the 24th after i get off at the bookstore. That is very nice of him, and i hope its not too wierd or awkward...

It was terriffic to see the Space Shuttle go up at night. I actually watched a feed of it while on a break at the bookstore on my laptop and a guy sitting next to me with the same MacBook was totally watching the same feed on his...that was spiffy. :)

Anyway, I think on xmas day i will go see all the movies i want to go will keep me busy, and so I dont sleep all day and bum around the house.

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope your solstice/hanukah/christmas is safe and warm and happy and calm-ish. :)

be well.

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