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The Fountain

i think I have decided that I prefer my movies to be slightly less metaphysical. It is a good movie (and, no there is no "time travel" as i have seen mentioned in some reviews), its just really....metaphysical. It has a beginning, middle, and an end, not necessarily in that order. It makes sense, it just uses lots of metaphor and the protag sees himself as a character in his wife's manuscript....
Speaking of, its a nice thing when two people love each other very very much, but...there comes a point where you just have to let go and move on and get over yourself...I guess that is kind of the point of the movie, but it took an entire movie for him to get to that point....and i was ready for him to get to that point about halfway through.... its also hard to feel sympathetic for him when we know nothing of their life before the current crisis (metaphysical self-putting in a conquistador-era book beside the point) so I had a very hard time getting into the mind of the protag.
Speaking of, Hugh Jackman is such a phenomenal actor, and I _love_ his choice of roles lately, he is being very diverse and proving that he should not be tied down to just one type of role...(singing penguins, passionate neurosurgeons, obsessed magicians, immortal mutants, etc....) and the eyebrow thing....*sigh*...
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