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Happy Feet!

So I went to see a movie I have been waiting for since I saw the trailers late last year...Its the dancing, singing penguin movie! :) And it is way spiffy!!
Excellent animation, terriffic songs (I already own the soundtrack(im such a geek)), well written, excellent animation, _amazing_ dancing (by savion glover *natch*)....did i mention the phenomenal animation? :)
Again, as with most movies I have seen lately, it tries to be two movies in one when there was more than enough material for just one feel good romantic family comedy about a penguin finding his voice through his dancing when everyone else sings...the second movie is a bit of a stretch with it being a bit of a preachy environmental tale, about the same dancing penguin finding "aliens" (humans) and getting them to stop overfishing around antarctica by dancing for them (i _said_ it was a bit of a stretch...) btw - dont blink for the Steve Irwin cameo as an elephant seal. :) he would have _loved_ this movie i think...
I think it is some of Robin Williams best voice work in years...he does at least two characters, good stuff. And how is it Elijah Wood has a spot on innocent, but knowing voice? He was great. Is it just that Elijah Wood has a permentantly innocent thing going on, but knows enough to be jsut world weary enough so that he's not happy go lucky? Seriously? Is that it?
The writing is quite funny. Its fairly obvious that it was written _first_ for adults, lots of stuff that adults would pick up on and kids, not so much...Oh, and dont blink for the creepy HAL 9000 impression at the Aquarium...that was just _wrong_...but very funny, in a sick way...
Did I mention the fantastic animation? Animal Logic and Rythym & Hues were the main art houses, with assistance by the Renderman (pixar) software (which is scary obvious from the phenomenal water effects) I felt like i was there. seriously. It was 3D quality, and some of the camera moves were amazing 360 shots that just is not possible in real life, but, wow, does it take your breath away. The motion capture technology is one I am definetly warming up to, expecially if we can capture Savion Glover like that and animate a _penguin_. :)
Anyway, it is an amazing feel good movie...Fun for everyone...and i _dare_ you to sit in that theatre and not tap your feet! i dare you! :)
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