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yay space shuttle!!!

Ok, so the past couple of weeks have been very stressful at work. One of the comps that crucial to launching the space shuttle (NASA uses lots of macs, btw) was checked in for service. Their liquild coolant processor had leaked into the power supply and blown the Power Supply. Not cool. So i had to replace the power supply and the processor - of course everything that could go wrong with this, went wrong. Apple was out of power supplies for this particular computer and had to scramble on a country wide search to find one. No problem on the processor. Power supply was found and shipped and i opened it up and one of the fans on the back was broken (phisically had fallen _into_ the power supply), not cool. So i fixed that (scraped the _hell_ out of my knuckles in the process), reassembled everything, and it didnt turn on. ARGH! Turns out the coolant had leaked onto the logic board as well and had affected taht too. narf. So, the logic board needed to be replaced. OK. Put in the order to Apple (at least now they are paying attention...) They showed taht they didnt have any in stock, but could ship one to us asap. ok, sweet. monday, no lb. tuesday, no lb, webnesday we are screaming at Apple where is it??? they say we shipped it we shipped it! but it doesnt show shipped on service website.... Thursday the LB finally shows. Friday everything gets reassembled (we are not goinghto hear the story of the stuck screw standoffs that took 2 days to dislodge, 'k? thnx.) and it works!!!!!!!! yay! yay! *does a happy dance* After having NASA breathing down my neck and Apple sending emails every 3 hours about it, i am more than happy to relinquish this computer back to them. *sigh* but it does make a good story. And i helped get the shuttle, in my own small way....its a spiffy feeling. :)

Anyway, I have also moved into a new place. No more roommates for awhile i think. :) Angela and i are happy here, its nice and quiet and a perfect size for me. :) Getting settled is always a pain tho...not yet completely unpacked.

be well.

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